SUPCASE Series Case for Galaxy Watch 4 Classic [46mm] 2021 Release

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  • All watch features, buttons and sensitivity are accessible and easily operated with the case installed
  • UB Pro bumper creates rugged shock absorption and a raised bezel to protect screen from damage
  • UB Pro case includes scratch-resistant band for convenience and value. Galaxy Watch simply snaps into place.
  • Advanced front cover snap-on design for easy installation
  • Compatible with Galaxy Watch 4 Classic [46mm] 2021 release Only.

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December 7, 2021

12 reviews for SUPCASE Series Case for Galaxy Watch 4 Classic [46mm] 2021 Release

  1. Alx Murray

    not sure where the negative reviews stem from, im fairly happy with it, OK so if it’s on your left hand it makes it awkward to turn the bezel, but it’s reasonable enough

  2. Amazon Customer

    Best straps I have bought for any smartwatch. I was frustrated over the cases and the lack of protection it serves that’s been out there. I’ve been looking for a good strap/case combo since my first smart watch, a Samsung Gear s3 frontier. It covers a majority of the watch (Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic) leaving enough of the rotating bezel for normal use. The case is durable, the straps fit perfectly (I’m a chubby man, smaller wrist people might have issues with the straps) And it’s serves a perfect accessory to use while I’m out outdoors, hiking or at the beach. 100% recommend.

  3. Alx Murray

    I have purchased these straps before for my older smart watches but was disappointed with this one as it lacked any quality.
    The strap is made to look like a rugged case with screws etc., but no finish was given to the final look and instead ends up looking like a cheap child’s toy.

  4. J. Pacheco

    The strap and casing isnt as good as it makes out. The watch face doesnt fit in very well.. and disables the bezzel..and stops you from using it. Everytime you want to chsrge it. You HAVE to take it out the case/strap. Also, dusabkes the side buttons from being used..COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY! ..I now have to buy another strap..

    Not worth the money to be honest. More like a cheap chinese product.

  5. DVJLuna

    I hesitated to buy a smart watch because I work in the electrical construction trade, but I really liked to new Samsung Galaxy 4 Classic watch, so I decided to give it a try. When I purchased the watch online, this Supcase was recommended as an accessory for rugged environments, so I added it to my purchase. I’m so glad I did. The watch is easy to install in the case, just push it in from the back; in fact, it is much easier to install than it is to snap the OEM band back on the watch when I go out for the weekend. It is a little bulky, but it is worth the added protection it gives on the job.

    It does not interfere with the charger that came with the watch. It has a cut-out on the left side which allows the Galaxy 4 Classic’s bezel to be rotated easily using my right thumb (I wear my watch on my left arm). The band is comfortable, made of rubberized plastic, with a double tongue latch.

    Just what I needed for the jobsite!

  6. Jer Da Hiker

    Not impressed at all looked much better on the advert very stiff and plastic looking and expensive no fixings to secure watch strap stiff so not easy to do up have already bought something else to do the job properly. My advice keep scrolling

  7. Jer Da Hiker

    Definitely does the job of protecting my watch, but as a downside to the added protection, it is very bulky and won’t fit under my sleeve. Swings and roundabouts I guess!
    Another negative is the when doesn’t spin very well as gets caught on the watch casing.

    Overall – I needed a tough case/strap for work and it hasn’t let me down.

  8. Harp

    Me gusta mucho esta carcasa, ayuda a proteger el reloj, aunque no es tan cómoda para dormir con ella, pero para el día a día queda muy bien, espero que no se ponga amarilla con el paso del tiempo, solo hay que tener en cuenta que la correa es color humo, en un principio pensé que era más transparente

  9. Harp

    Although it’s a little stiff wrapping around the wrist, once on, this thing is nice ‘n’ beefy. Beefier than the other cases on Amazon. The double clasp is sometime difficult to take off/on, but totally worth it. The bezel (turning) is also accessible as well. I think this watch (knock on wood) is protected from almost anything I can throw at it. Now I want the black version. White would be nice too (not sure if they make a white one).

  10. Amazon Customer

    Very durable case for the GW4 Classic. A bit on the big side but I have a G-Shock Rangeman that comes in around the same size. You also don’t buy the biggest model if you don’t like big watches. It you worry about banging your watch against things I’d recommend this case or some other tough case. It’s a little uncomfortable at first but after a few days of wear it’s perfectly fine, G-Shock had double buckle and same break in period.

  11. DVJLuna

    I bout a Samsung watch because of the new position I took on my job where I need to reference time often. So instead of digging into my pocket and pulling out my smart phone, running the risk of dropping said phone breaking the screen, the watch was a very logical alternative. But having a beautiful watchlike the Samsung Galaxy Watch is not a cheap purchase. I recommend getting a protective case for such and this case definitely fit the needs on protecting my watch.

    Once I received this case I immediately installed it on my watch and it was for the most part an easy install. You will need to remove the stock installed wrist band from your watch to use this case. But once removed the watch face and body will simply pop into this case. This case does add a little beaf to the already large size of the 46mm watch but the wrist band that comes with this case makes it comfortable for me to wear such watch. Also because of the addition of the case, it may affect on how you charge your watch. I found that I have no issues with charging my watch with the Samsung supplied charger when the charger is not in a stand, tge watch charges no problem. But if you were to place this watch with the case on into a a charging stand, it may not charge properly or if at all. Other than that, this case offers great protection and adds style to the watch.

  12. Paladin

    As titled, a good armored case for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Not the best in my opinion, but good. As a direct comparison to the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro case, it’s slightly larger in all dimensions – in fact the largest armored case I’ve found. It’s also slightly more flexible (the main case), and/or slightly roomier, making it easier to get the watch in and out of the case. Which is not necessarily a good thing, but it does appear to keep the watch secure. There are more interior nooks and crannies than the Spigen case, making your next cleaning more difficult and more frequent. The cutout for the rotating bezel is larger, making it slightly easier to manipulate the bezel, but I actually have no problem with either case.

    The hardware of the SUPCASE is also not as robust or sturdy as the Spigen hardware, and the twin tongues on the buckle although maybe more stylish, are more fiddly and harder to buckle and unbuckle, in addition to being completely unnecessary – a single tongue is just as secure. The band attachment to the main case is also thinner and not as robust as on the Spigen, which makes the band slightly more flexible on your wrist, but not much – both cases are not as flexible as an independent watch band. And somehow, on my wrist there was no really comfortable position for the buckle on the band – I either had to adjust it too loose or too tight, no in-between because of the position of the slots, although both bands appear to be about the same size for a variety of wrists. Additionally, the keeper loop on the SUPCASE band has no tab to keep it in position like the Spigen band – it just slides freely on the band, making it less effective for keeping the end of the band flat (its purpose).

    The OEM charger fits on either watch without removing the case, but neither watch will lie flat with the case on – you need to charge it standing up or on its face. Other than these (sort of) nitpicking deficiencies, it is a full coverage lightweight case and will protect your watch well, if adding bulk and height (just like the Spigen), and both are comparably priced. Between the two cases I prefer the Spigen, but either Is a good investment to protect your pricey Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

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