MP3 Portable Player Lossless HiFi Digital Audio Music Player

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  • 【HIFI lossless sound quality】 The lossless music player adopts professional DSP audio lC + imported DAC double decoding, which can effectively restore the real scene. The DAC hard decoding chip adopts the new WM8965 and Ti company’s TPA6530 high power. Supported audio formats: MP3(8-48kHz,8-320kbps)、WMA(8-48kHz,5-384kbps,STD 8-96kHz)、WAV(8-192kHz)、APE(8-96kHz,high; 8-192kHz,fast)、FLAC(8-192kHz,LO-L10)、ACC(8-48kHz,8-320kbps,LC)、OGG(8-48kHz)、DSD 128(5.6MHz).
  • 【High-resolution music player】 The player adopts a 2.0-inch display with a resolution of 320*240, LCD display, intuitive and concise UI interface, user-friendly software operation is clear at a glance, the display has high color saturation, and can display lyrics and music. song title.
  • 【Fashionable craftsmanship】The non-destructive music player is made of high-precision CNC aluminum alloy shell, which is elegant and portable, and does not leave fingerprints. The unique scroll wheel control wheel can quickly find the track function and is very responsive. The independent menu key and return key have a one-key lock screen function, which is easy to operate.
  • 【Large capacity + large memory】The player has a large capacity battery of 1500 mAh, which can be fully charged in 2 hours and play continuously for 25 hours. The M30 player has no built-in memory, but an additional 64GB SD card has been inserted into the player, allowing you to better manage your song files without worrying about the memory capacity.(Expandable up to 256GB)
  • 【Portability and Service】The size of the player is: 2.2*0.6*3.5 inches, and the weight is about 176g. The small size easily slides in and out of any pocket. Perfect to carry. This product has a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and 1-year exchange service. Please feel free to contact us by email and we will reply you within 24 hours.

283 reviews for MP3 Portable Player Lossless HiFi Digital Audio Music Player

  1. david bernroth

    I purchased this player specifically because it does NOT have more modern features like touch screen and wifi and bluetooth. Every time I use my phone for stuff like this it seems like you touch it the wrong way and it just annoys me being so touch sensitive ugghhh…
    I just wanted a simple player with a good interface that is intuitive to load all my folders of albums. I have probably close to the max of 256gb of music on my computer, recorded vinyl records and ripped CD’s and I wanted to get better sound than a phone. There are phones that have good sound but not for this price. I hook this up to an Aomais bluetooth speaker with a stereo cable in, and also bring it into the car the same way, through the AUX port. There is nothing wrong with a solid player, and it feels solidly made, that is like a walkman I use to have. The interface is intuitive and pretty simple, and I have nothing bad to say about it. Are there other players that cost more and have better sound? Sure, but the difference isn’t much.
    The thing is, standards are up these days and what you can get at this price point is great. You want the highest quality, which is only marginally better? You’ll pay way more for that. And besides that, most sound can be EQ’d so for clear reproduction of whatever it is you ripped into digital, this will be perfectly fine. Small enough for your pocket, even though it has some weight, and it won’t just go do whatever it wants if you touch it the wrong way. No stupid android to deal with or bluetooth connectivity problems etc etc…Just fun listening. It comes with a 64gb card, and that holds a ton even with all my files being flac. If I lost this tomorrow I’d get another one right away, I’m not going to pay 500 for something that has features I don’t need or want. Simple is good, and it also has a line level out for when I get my stereo receiver set up to input this into. The ONLY negative here for this, is that they haven’t upgraded the micro USB to a USB C which is a newer standard so hopefully they’ll upgrade that at some point and maybe a higher capacity transfer/charge cable but you can always pull the card out and use a faster reader and reinstall the card. Thanx Mechen!

  2. Kailua Sam

    Big thing for me is the line out jack. I mostly use this in my car and the earbud jack doesn’t have enough power. Most of the other players I tried only had earbud Jack’s that required I crank up the car volume. Not good when my daughter borrows the car and puts on the radio.

    The device has nice heft but so did the cheaper ones I had. Sound is a little better than my cheaper ones but could be due to the line out jack.

    No bluetooth or wifi which is fine by me but could be critical for others. I like that they provide a memory card. That’s the way to go. I’ve had 3 players die and I had my music on internal memory. Couldn’t retrieve them. The card is now the only thing I use. Pop it out and plug it in a replacement player or a speaker and good to go.

    I had a surfan before. Cost about $40 more. It had more power in the line out and noticeably better sound. But it died on me in less than a yr.

    If I had the money I would probably get the surfan. But these things don’t seem to last. So I saved $40 with this one.

    I’m happy with my purchase so far. Bought about 4 weeks ago, use it everyday.

    Battery lasts several days for me. But only use while driving. About 1 hr a day. Seems to be about what the company claims but never timed it.

  3. Cuauhtémoc R.

    Buena calidad de sonido. Al principio cuesta un poco aprender a usarlo.

  4. Christopher

    TL;DR This is a good budget product, and I will definitely recommend this if you don’t have a big library of music (under 4000 songs) and you are just a casual listener that doesn’t plan on streaming songs online or using wireless headphones/ earbuds with this. If you are any of the ones mentioned above, you’re better off buying a more expensive one with more features.

    === FULL REVIEW===
    Ok, this is an amazing DAP (Digital Audio Player) which I enjoy using a lot. I am able to fit a lot of tracks/ songs with most of them in CD quality or even higher with just the 64GB microSD that it comes with (you don’t really need to buy a bigger capacity one for real, especially if all your songs are in mp3 format). The controls are very straightforward except the play button which works in a different way than the menu button only in the EQ selection screen, navigation and features are pretty simple and easy to use as well.

    Now, here’s a couple warnings for some people expecting great things out of this product:
    – For those of you who want to use this DAP with a bluetooth or wireless headphone/earbuds. It does not have bluetooth capabilities.
    – For those of you who thought that you might be able to stream HiFi music from Tidal or others with this, you’re out of luck since it doesn’t have Wi-Fi either. It only supports playing tracks from the local storage (micro SD card)
    – For those who thought that you can use it as a portable DAC/AMP, you can’t because it doesn’t support digital input via USB heck it doesn’t accept any kind of audio input, but what you can do is copy your files to the player on the fly with the supplied micro USB (so you don’t need to take out the card and plug it into a card reader, though I haven’t tried copying straight from my phone yet).
    – For those who plan to connect it to a speaker, set the line level to either 0dB or -6dB or the volume that comes out of the “line out” port will be so low thus needing you to crank up the volume to insanely high level before it is even audible.
    – And finally for those of you who have a large (or worse, massive) number of tracks/ songs in your library (myself included), the player can only support up to 4000 tracks. I currently have 4088 tracks stored in the supplied micro SD card, but the player can only index up to 4000 songs and the rest won’t appear under the “music” menu, so some songs won’t ever get played randomly unless you manually play it from the “folder view” menu.

    Overall, this is still a great product for the price that it is offered, it does it’s job well which is to play audio files, just don’t expect too much out of it. There are bound to be some limitations at this price range and if that’s a deal breaker for you, you’re more than welcome to shell out more cash for a better one. I am giving this product 3 stars not out of spite, but simply because this product is just a “recasing” of an old DAP which is NiNTAUS X10 (literally no difference including the software apart from the outward appearance thus -1 star), and it could have been better implemented or improved even if it’s just a minor QoL improvement considering the NiNTAUS X10 is more than 7 years old by now (another -1 star).

  5. mr m hobson

    I was expecting this to be cheaply made and difficult to use with a weird menu interface and poor sound.
    NONE of this was the case. Beautifully made, simple and sraight forward,to use( load up your music files in whatever format onto your sd card and insert, easy and simple menu system, straight forward interface and really excellent sound. Miles better than using a mobile phobe, louder and with far better sonic quality. Battery lasts for hours. Solid metal, nice screen thst shows album art. I’d go out tomorrow and buy another if I lost this

  6. Total Onslaught

    High quality MP3 player. It’s made of metal, which gives me confidence in its durability versus cheap plastic ones and has a great design with buttons versus touch screen only of cheaper MP3 players. BEST OF ALL: NO BLUETOOTH! Not everybody wants stupid, hackable bluetooth on their electronic devices! Way to go Mechen! Be bold & different from other manufacturers and DON’T INCLUDE Bluetooth.

    Regarding using it: It takes a little while to get used to the operation, but once you do, its easy to use. The custom equalizer is very nice and if you don’t know which settings are best, then just use the default genre settings to make it easier. Strongly recommend this to any audiophile who wants a high quality MP3 player who couldn’t care less about bluetooth connectivity.

  7. I. CORDAS

    I like the fact it is easy to navigate and to load music using drag and drop. The controls are robust and ideal for on holiday where its not easy to see the screen.
    I paired it up with some wired sennheiser in ear headphones and was amazed of the quality of the sound.
    I’ve only loaded 300 songs to start, but am very impressed so far. The battery seems to hold well and am sure I will get a few days use on the sunbed before I need to top up the charge.
    For a relatively low cost mp3 player with no whistles or bells I would thoroughly recommend it.

  8. Noah

    The sound quality and the build quality is honestly really solid, it has a good weight to it, an easy to navigate interface, and swappable TF cards, amazing battery life. Exactly what I wanted, but there was just one issue and that issue has finally killed it, sadly.

    The buttons aren’t made with the same level of quality as the rest of the product and they wore out quick. I had an expectation that purchasing a 100$ mp3 player would mean that it would last me a good while; it has been 4 months. The scroll wheel and the buttons wore out to the point that I can’t even interact with the interface anymore. It doesn’t read my inputs and it’s in a loop of ever rewinding the same song, never playing it. I wasn’t tossing this thing around, I didn’t even take it on my person. I left it in my car, had the aux plugged in, and used it only when driving. Occasionally I took it to the library so I could download more music onto my TF card but that’s really all I ever did.

    If the buttons were made better this product could’ve lasted me for years but that isn’t the case. I’m not sure if this is a common issue or if I just got a dud but I’m sure not gonna buy another one. 100$ is a lot of money and for 4 months of use was really not worth it.

    If you can toss around 100$ and like fun little tech this could be a fun toy to have around, but if you rely on it as your only form of listening to music like I did then I wouldn’t buy this.

  9. ah


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