Men’s Smartwatch 100 Sports Modes 5ATM Waterproof 80 Hours Battery


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Tic watch Pro 5 is the first smartwatch to offer the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 wearable platform and the latest version of Wear OS from Google. Faster, smoother performance and connectivity.

New quick charging technology and 628mAh 80 hour battery life

Dual-layer display technology delivers Tic watch Pro 5 smartwatch an amazing 80-hour battery life.

With the new quick charge technology in the TIC Watch Pro 5, you can easily go from 0 to 65% in just 30 minutes. A quick 15 minute charge will keep your watch going all day long.

Rotating crown-manual control made easy.

The bliss of scrolling through the digital world with the instant response of Tic watch Pro 5’s rotating crown, with satisfying haptic feedback, elevates the smartwatch wearing experience to whole new heights. Scroll to change tiles, increase or decrease your music volume, and even easily zoom in and out on maps with just one finger or while wearing gloves. This crown gives you effortless yet versatile control.


Tic watch pro 5 ingeniously integrates a highly efficient ultra-low power display on a stunning OLED display. This means you can access critical information for days without paying a fee.

Heart rate zone backlight colors that track your beat.

Choose from a range of 18 bright colors for an ultra-low-power display to match your look. When you exercise, effortlessly track your heart rate as the backlight changes with your heartbeat.

One-tap measurement of multiple health metrics*

With just one touch, tic watch pro 5’s state-of-the-art algorithms deliver 5 key health metrics in just 90 seconds: heart rate, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, stress and heart health. Get an instant snapshot of your overall well-being anytime, anywhere.


*This feature is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or for any other medical purpose.

* And access to heart health data is restricted in certain geographic locations.

* Heart health feature is not available in the UK.

Heart health – from every beat to every risk.

Tic watch Pro 5’s state-of-the-art sensor constantly monitors your heart rate on a 24-hour basis and gives you a comprehensive overview of your heart’s health. and alert you to high/low resting and training heart rate. While irregular heartbeat (ihb) detection* technology identifies a wide range of cardiac arrhythmias, including afib, premature beat, tachycardia/bradycardia, and alerts you to potential heart health problems in real time.


*This feature is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or for any other medical purpose.

* Heart health feature is not available in the UK.