Car AUX Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter 4-in-1


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Main Features:
T7-5 car Bluetooth launch reception four-in-one
Transmission box 5.0 audio adapter
USB interface U disk old audio amplifier AUX
Notebook desktop TV transfer earphone car
Universal USB Bluetooth transmit receiver four in one
Bluetooth 5.0 TV Computer Wireless Audio Bluetooth Adapter

Mobile, computer, TV, projector (launch mode)
Car audio, speaker, earphone (receiving mode)
T7-5 Transmit mode red light: audio input, transmitted to Bluetooth acoustic or Bluetooth with Bluetooth; generally suitable for: computer TV.
T7-5 Receive Mode Blue Light: Audio Output, output to no Bluetooth acoustic or automobile via mobile phone connection; generally used for audio or car.

Input voltage: DC 5V
Maximum transmission distance 15m
Bluetooth 5.0
Input interface 3.5mm audio
No need to install drive


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