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  • Water-resistant wearable MP3 player. (IEC 60529 IPX5: Tested to withstand water flow (12.5L/min) at 3 min. Must be clean and dry before use.)
  • Works with Bluetooth wireless technology headsets and speakers or use the included lightweight earphones
  • Lightweight; clips to your clothes or gear
  • 32GB capacity; stores up to 8000 songs (1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage capacity less.) (Based on 3.5 min songs @ 128kbps bitrate. Approximations: results will vary based on file attributes and other factors.)
  • Built-in FM radio (FM radio functionality requires wired earphones.)

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0.68 x 1.74 x 2.6 inches

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1.28 ounces

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July 16, 2021


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8 reviews for 32GB Clip Sport Plus MP3 Player, Black – Bluetooth, LCD Screen, FM Radio –

  1. GamerGirly

    This review is for the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus Bluetooth 16GB MP3 player (Blue).

    I almost didn’t buy this because there were so many negative reviews.
    The one and only reason I wanted a MP3 player is to play Audiobooks. I own a SanDisk Clip Sport Plus… purchased 3 years ago. I love it… but wanted to upgrade to a wireless Bluetooth… so I didn’t have to have the Earbud wires hanging down and snagging on things while working.

    I received a Ruizu 8GB Portable Clip Bluetooth MP3 Player was purchased for me as a gift.
    I SENT THE RUIZU BACK… it did not play Audiobooks and I didn’t like how you had to navigate back and forth to the Bluetooth screen to turn it on to get it to connect every time its turned on.

    So… I purchased a AGPTEK G15 16GB Bluetooth 4.0 MP3 Player, Wearable Clip.

    I also SENT this one BACK… although it did play Audiobooks from OverDrive and/or CD’s ripped to MP3s… there was no main “Menu” button, so you had to keep pushing buttons to back out of your book and get to the Bluetooth screen to turn on the device, then navigate back to you book where you last left off. The other thing I did not like was that there was NO AUTO SAVE for books. You had to manually pause and navigate to a “Save” point in another menu screen. So if the player was on pause for more than 5 minutes, it Auto Shuts Off… and DOES NOT SAVE YOUR PLACE. Also it only allowed for up to “10 Saves points” before you have to start over writing other save points.

    After using my SanDisk Clip Sport Plus for the past 3 years… I was spoiled with the EASE of USE, especially after using 2 different MP3 players that were nothing like the SanDisk.

    So I decided to purchase and try out the new Bluetooth SanDisk MP3 player… what could I loose at this point…

    I have been using the SanDisk Bluetooth MP3 Player everyday since purchased on January 11, 2018.
    I really like it. It works just like the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus. It plays OverDrive Audiobooks just fine. Autosaves. It has a Main Menu Button. Easy to use. Once you set up the Bluetooth device… I have never had to navigate back to the Bluetooth menu screen. It remembers my device as soon as it is turned on. Turn the MP3 player on first, turn on the Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth icon on MP3 will light up in blue… letting you know you are connected. Push play… either on the MP3 player or your Bluetooth Ear device… (if you purchased one with Play/Pause like I did.)

    This MP3 Player is a little bigger than my Clip Sport Plus. The ON/OFF button is now the Front Middle Button instead of on the Top End of player. The Play/Pause button on the MP3 Player is a little stiffer… so you have to press it a little harder… (But THIS IS A WATER PROOF DEVICE… so the buttons are more of a thicker “Rubber” than “Plastic”.)

    Over all… its the same player. It Auto Saves my place when I pause and/or it shuts down and seems to shut down fast when you push the Front Middle Button to turn it off. To turn on… your hold in the Front Middle button for about 7 seconds… same for the Bluetooth Ear device… hold for about 7 seconds to turn on.

    And yes… you can be listening to your Audiobook with your Bluetooth connected and still navigate the Menu buttons without pausing or stopping…if you need to make adjustment to something… like setting up a Sleep timer. I only mention this because of some of the reviews were saying you couldn’t do this.

    I like this player well enough, that I am thinking about purchasing another one just to use at night when laying in bed.

    Also I would like to mention… I purchase a single Bluetooth Ear piece to use with this player while at work. So I could listen to my book and also hear if someone is talking to me. When someone is speaking to me… I just push Pause on the MP3 player or on my Ear piece… which ever one is more convenient at the time. If they are talking to me longer than say 10 minutes… my MP3 player will “Save” and shut down. The Bluetooth Ear device will tell me that “NO DEVICE IS CONNECTED.” After another 5 minutes of not be connected to the MP3 player… the Bluetooth Ear piece will auto shut off. (I love this… because it does help to save on battery life.)

    The Bluetooth Ear piece I purchased is very small… so it only has a 5 to 6 hours of battery life. I am at work for 8+ hours.
    So I purchase another Bluetooth Ear piece… the exact same one… so I conneted the 2nd Bluetooth Ear piece to the MP3 player… the same way as I did the first.
    So if you were to go to the Bluetooth Menu Screen… you would see the Ear device listed twice… (the 1st one and the 2nd one both with the same code number.)
    When I am listening to my Audiobook and the Bluetooth Ear piece tells me “Low Battery” I pause my book… Turn Off my Ear Piece… place it on its charger… I get the 2nd Bluetooth Ear piece thats already been charged and turn it on… it connects automaticly to the MP3 player (remember… its the exact same device/same code) so I put it in my ear and push Play on the player… and I am back to listening to my book. (Awesome!)

  2. Distortionwarrior

    Not worth the extra $ for the “Plus” edition. Get the SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player instead if you want a sandisk MP3 player.

    Facts: Bluetooth on this model is garbage, can’t seem to connect to anything. (negative)
    The body is a bit bulkier than the regular version, just fatter in every way, but no real difference internally except bluetooth. (no benefit)
    Does not have a microSD card slot, not expandable memory, but the regular (less expensive) version does have the slot (big negative)
    Charging port is recessed, you need a special skinny cable to charge it with micro usb (you may have some already, but not every cable will work), I had to file plastic off of my regular charge cable. (annoying negative)
    Not waterproof, barely water resistant, absolutely not water resistant at all if you have anything plugged into the ports.

  3. Bob Caputi

    I purchased this product to listen to recorded books and could not get the player to link via Bluetooth to my headphones. I contacted Sandisk who acknowledge the player had defects which kept it from linking with numerous Bluetooth products. They offered to replace it with the same product that was fully Bluetooth capable, as indicated on their Amazon product description. I returned the product to Sandisk on August 8 and waited. No product was returned to me, and then I got an email, which stated they were out of black mp3 players and would send me a red one. I called them, and after 15 minutes of horsing around with their automated answering system got a live person. Bottom line, accept a red mp3 player or wait indefinitely for a black one. I request a refund and they refused. I request they return my black player so I could return it to Amazon and they refused. You will love this; they said they couldn’t return my original product as it was defective (which didn’t keep them from selling it to me in the first place). So now I sit and wait. My advice to you is not to purchase their products, if you do and are unhappy immediately return it to Amazon because you do not want to go down the path that I have been forced to follow.

  4. Gizzark Henry

    So I have only had this for six weeks, possibly not even that many. I normally write quite extensive reviews on Amazon but I feel like the headlines are quite straightforward on this one.
    – I’ve not owned many mp3 players because I only upgrade when they break. This one I have found the battery life gets worse the fuller it is, something I have found with all the Sansa mp3 players I’ve used but not other brands. Perfectly happy to be corrected on that one if it’s just a fact of life for portable music that’s not on your phone.
    – I’ve had no issues with the volume. I’ve never put it approaching maximum in my time using it (and rarely have with any other).
    – The preset EQs are terrible, you’re definitely going to want to use the custom one.

    Two key flaws with it:
    – Today, while just sat in my bag on its own, in the space of an hour since I last used it, it crashed. Crashed so badly I thought it was permanently broken and was about to write to the seller demanding a refund. After a soft reset it appears to be okay. So far. My last Sansa crashed intermittently just from day-to-day use, eventually corrupted several gigs of its memory, before then just dying permanently with no reset hard enough to fix it. It took years for it to get to that point, but I’m not filled with faith.
    – The much larger issue for me is that there is an unlistenable amount of trash noise distortion at a low level if you use any headphones except the ones purchased with it. This isn’t an issue of headphone quality either, as I tried it with my mid-range Goldrings that I use for recording and it was present there also. The ONLY headphones that don’t cause this problem are the ones that came with the thing, which are not especially comfortable and have a pretty short cable, especially considering it’s meant to be an mp3 player for sporty people (not me). I thought at first it was just an issue with the item I had, but a quick Google found that this is apparently a factory issue (maybe not with all of them given a brief trawl of the reviews on here doesn’t raise a mention). Now please believe that I am not an audio snob; I listen to very low bit-rate mp3s to maximise the storage space, and the article I found about the mp3 player accurately described this distortion as ‘obvious to anyone with ears.’ At present, the headphones are still working and we’re fine, but given the average lifespan of out-of-the-box earphones, I suspect I’ll be needing to buy a whole new mp3 player when these buds eventually give out.

    I really liked the last Sansa I had even when it was starting to act up, but regardless of any extra features like a clip for your belt or displaying the album art when you’re playing music, it seems to me like actually being able to play music without ruining it is a pretty shocking feature to be lacking in this device.

  5. BlindAlley

    Maybe SanDisk will change the technical description of this product, at some stage in the future. Right now, you won’t find anything published about the Bluetooth version used by the Clip Sport Plus. There’s a good reason for being a bit cagey about this. It’s Bluetooth version 2 that comes baked in with this device! Whatever you decide to pair with it had better be amazingly backward compatible or old enough that it’s small wonder that it still running. I bought my Clip Sport Plus in the hope of pairing it with my SkullCandy headphones (Bluetooth version 5) and then I discovered the awful truth about the ancient version of Bluetooth being used by the Clip Sport Plus! My advice would be to go downmarket, buy the Clip Sport Go and a Bluetooth version 5 transmitter to plug into it. You have to wonder why SanDisk made the decision to use such an ancient version of Bluetooth, but you can sort of understand why they now want to keep quiet about it!

  6. Puff

    UPDATE 4 July 2020:
    In my initial review posted below, I was having nothing but trouble with my original MP3 player I purchased. I sent it back and requested a replacement. 6 months on with the replacement, it is working flawlessly – No problems whatsoever! Bluetooth works perfectly every time, the clip on the back hasn’t broken and the device is easy to use.

    I’m very happy with my replacement – it’s changed my opinion of this device 180!

    Original Review 20th January 2020
    As a veteran of Sandisks MP3 Players, I’ve previously owned the Clip Jam and Clip Sport and they were both very sturdy and very good players and lasted many, many years before being replaced. Sadly the newest generation, the Clip Sport Plus falls far short of my expectations.

    Start with the plus side first:
    – Standard Clip Sport look-and-feel to it and colourful.
    – Lightweight, small and unobtrusive.
    – Waterproof, rugged and shockproof. Great for sports and outdoor activities.
    – Choice of Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack for listening with.
    – Easy to transfer MP3 files from PC to MP3 player. Just navigate with Explorer and you’re done. No special software needed here!

    – Marginally larger/ chunkier than the former Clip Sport. I recon this is due to it now being waterproof and more rugged for outdoor use. The connection ports have little covers to protect them from the elements.
    – Bluetooth! Bluetooth worked well the first few weeks, pairing to my earphones, car, phone flawlessly. Then suddenly it didn’t want to know. Didn’t want to connect. Tried resetting it, restart, updating firmware etc but to no avail.
    – The Clip on the back broke in the first week. My former Sandisk Sport and Jam both had clips, and both worked perfectly up until the end of their life and they were used on a very regular basis.
    – Buttons are harder to press. Recon this is due to the ruggedness and waterproof-ness of this new MP3 player.
    – Volume Restrictions. A lot of reviews complain about low volume. You can easily bypass this when you initially select your Region during setup. **DO NOT SELECT EUROPE!** Choose a different continent and you’ll get full volume. The volume restriction is down to EU regulations, not SanDisk.

    In summary, I’m genuinely disappointed with Sandisks latest offering of their Clip Sport Mp3 player. Initially it’s a great little thing, but the BT stopped working which was the reason I bought this MP3 player in the first place, so I could play my music through my wireless earbuds.

    Only after a mere 3 weeks, I’ve returned the MP3 player to Amazon for a replacement, and *touchwood* this new one might work better than the last one this time round. I’m willing to give Sandisk the benefit of the doubt but if this one also fails to work properly, it too will also go back for a refund and get a different brand of MP3 player all together.

    Time will tell.


  7. Philip C

    This device has a significant flaw in the firmware – you can only have up to 1,000 files of EACH TYPE before the user interface stops working properly. So, for example, if I fill my device with just audio books, and there are more than 1,000 files, the device won’t list all of the audiobooks. Despite reporting this to SanDisk, they are not making any progress in fixing it and certainly don’t give any impression that they intend to.

    To put this into context: I have 23 audiobooks, taking 10GB … but 1,639 files. The device won’t list all of them and I haven’t even filled it!

    With 16GB of storage, it is WAY too easy to hit this user interface problem and it is really poor that SanDisk (a) haven’t spotted it already and (b) fixed the firmware.

  8. Liam

    I do a lot of running and this is probably the 4th MP3 player I’ve tried to use for running and the one that I’ve finally settled on. Other ones had poor build quality, battery life, or a screen that was too dark to see in daylight. This is a great player. Very simplistic but it just works. It’s small and light but still feels well made. I clip it on the top of my shorts and it’s fine, it’s never fallen off on a run it just stays there. The buttons are generally quite stiff. I think this is a design choice so that buttons are not accidentally pressed during exercise. I have never tried to use the Bluetooth on it so cannot vouch for that. The best compliment I can give is that if I lost this player I would buy the same one again.

    Edit: 1) Have tried the Bluetooth on a soundbar and it sounds great.
    2) For those complaining about quiet sound you’ve likely told the device that you’re in the UK OR Europe when you originally set it up. When this happens they abide by local rules which means that the player is really quiet to protect your hearing. If you reset the device and pretend you’re in America it’s much louder.

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