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  • [Upgraded Version]: New Designed UI Interface with new navigation control, feel better to operate; Revised Product Instruction, quick and easy to understand. Note: The mp3 does not support bluetooth function.
  • [Fashion Design Easy To Use]: RUIZU Music Player designed with Classic buttons, great music player for kids, palm size and light weight, easy to put into your wallet, pocket, or armband. Excellent gift for you friends.
  • [Long Battery Life]: Built-in Lithium ion polymer 420mAh battery. Up to 80 hours playback, fully charged within 2-3 hours by USB charging cable. Enjoy your wonderful musical journey with High Quality Headphones. Charging Cable and High Quality Headphones are included.
  • [Strong Memory Capacity]: Built-in 8GB Memories, up to 2000 musics can be stored, support up to 128 GB expandable Micro SD card. Save any files on RUIZU MP3 Player as a portable Flash Driver. Support Multiple Audio Formats, including MP3, WMA, APE, WAV, FLAC.
  • [Super Lightweight Mp3]:RUIZU X02 mp3 player wight only 30g.It’s very convenient for you to carry when morning workout.Perfect for Sport Running, Traveling.etc. Note: If you want or don’t want the game feature, please contact us to get the firmware to update the software.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

3.54 x 1.46 x 0.31 inches

Item Weight

1.06 ounces


Item model number



1 LR44 batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 14, 2017

10 reviews for Mp3 Player,RUIZU X02 Ultra Slim Music Player,Long Battery Life Mp3 with FM...

  1. Lilac28

    For the price, you really can’t complain.
    The sound quality is actually very good. It’s pretty easy to use although the controls take a bit of getting used to (pressing right for down, and up for back) but that’s not a big deal. It’s easy to get songs onto it, just drag and drop or copy/paste from your computer to it when it’s plugged in.

    Couple things to note:
    You have to do the songs themselves when copy/pasting (trying to keep it organized in folders results in “no songs found” on the player) but having said that, when you play it on the player t automatically sorts it by artist and album.

    One computer I plugged it into the folders were labeled in Chinese. Again, you just have to copy/paste songs onto the usb (not into the folders) so it doesn’t really matter but it did throw me off for a second.

    My 9 year old wanted a music player so we got him this and he uses it all the time now. We haven’t done videos or ebooks on it.

  2. Attica23

    Just received today. Very happy that all my music fit on it. I have about 1,000 songs or 60 hours of music (mostly mp3)and took up only 5gb of the nearly 16 gb available. Theres an sd card slot, but I’m glad I don’t have to buy the extra storage space at this time. Equalizer function is super nice to customize your sound. I did not try the included ear buds yet, but the sound quality was great with my apple ear buds. I plugged it in and it immediately synced to my computer and windows media player without issue. It transferred the music and all of the album clipart flawlessly . For well under $30 this little mp3 player seems to work Just as well as the $100 Sony mp3 player that it replaced. It is plastic and very light weight and a bit cheap feeling. But for the price and how it sounds, I’m very happy with it.

  3. Irshad Ilyas

    This item is exactly what I wanted and I am very pleased with it.

  4. Tina

    I like to listen to music while traveling or jogging, I used to listen music by my smart phone,but it is too heavy and the size is too big,moreover the power run out very quickly. So I decided to buy a small music player instead, I had a few requirements for the music player.
    -Support long time playing
    -Built-in memory and support expandable storage (DS card support)
    -Small size easy to take
    -Cheaper price

    When I began looking I realized that there have so many mp3 players display on Amazon pages, All of them the functions were similar but in different style,and some of them the price is very outrageous.When I finally came across this music player I was excited because it could do everything I was looking for and more, also the price is very reasonable.

    I was surprised that the delivery was fast and package was awesome. The included accessories were: Earphone ; Charge/Data cable; Manual

    I really like this music player, after I fully charged for the device I can playing music for a very long time, also it is super easy to use, there have 9 icon on the main menu, you just click the Up/down button or Right/Left button to select each functions you like. To load music, videos, or any other files it supports also very easy,I plug the player into the USB of my computer with the micro SD already in it. Doing this loads up the internal storage in Windows on its own drive letter and then the SD card in another drive letter. This makes it super easy to drag and drop your files over to either location. The e-book, recording, and FM radio worked fine,

    Till now the device work really nice , I like it.

  5. HR Havoc

    This could be the most informative review you’ll find on the Ruizu X02, 8 Gb internal memory. I give it the stars based on a comparison with other players at this price that serve this function. Maybe I’m giving 4 instead of 5 so you’ll read it, since so many 5 star reviews seem so meaningless and fake. And I’ve not had it long enough to give an honest statement on durability. (I skip the extremes and read only the 2, 3 or 4 star reviews since they tend to be more informative. I’ll use 4, even though my negatives below are really quite minor.)

    I don’t understand the reviews and questions by people who want a device that is simpler and less expensive than their phone, then are amazed that a player at this price doesn’t do the same things as their phone or old iPod that died after a couple years. This isn’t a phone. Its not an iPod. It does the job. If I get several, and each one I buy lasts 12 months, collectively they outlasted an iPod and still cost signficantly less.

    I want a small, simple device to play through headphones while I exercise or lay about or drive my 2 or 4 wheel motor vehicles. I want an inexpensive player so I would not risk losing or damaging a more valuable device like my phone. And it does the job. No matter how good the headphone, I’ll snag the cord on a chair or the cat will grab it, breaking the wires and needing another pair. Other pairs are easy to find, they don’t cost much, and expensive ones don’t last longer. For now, the ones that came with X02 are okay. They do the job.

    I listen to podcasts, and sometimes selected music. Plug the Ruizu X02 cable and move mp3 files from the computer into files on the player, then turn it on and play the files. It does the job. I don’t have a countless collection of music files that play for more hours than I would probably play in a lifetime that I’d want to stuff on the mp3 player at the same time to play in confusing lists or scrambled that I’d never know what is playing. I play what I want, and when my preferences change, I delete the old and put on new files. For me it does the job.

    I’d not use the X02 for videos, or pictures or even ebooks. If the screen was the same size as the entire front of the device, I’d have to use a magnifying glass to see any details or get more than a couple words per screen. The screen is a good size to see what is playing or what files you are opening, so for that it does the job.

    The negative is exactly what buttons do which job is uncertain. Apparently, there are different versions of Ruizu players with the same model numbers, and I’ve seen different sellers with minor variations all implying they made the players. And yet, the same brands and model numbers have slight differences. You can see this in the reviews by verified buyers. Even the sellers don’t always know exactly how the buttons work on the variety of phones that all say Ruizu x02. If you aren’t willing to spend a little time pressing and/or holding different sequences of buttons to see what happens, you might give up. For example, to restart the player later on where you left off, you need to go to sleep mode instead of turning it off. The directions and other users say press and hold the button in the center of the dial to sleep. I do it and mine goes to “easy” mode. I like easy mode when I’m using it, but easy isn’t sleep. I see this in the answered questions on Amazon. I asked online, and the seller says press and hold the center button. That didn’t help. I experiment. I learned. I now press and hold the volume button at the bottom of the outer dial. When the volume slider shows, I press and hold the center button and it goes to sleep. In easy mode, I just mash the top or bottom of the outer ring and the volume slider appears, then press and hold the center button. It took a bit of time, but I finally found the sleep mode. And the player does the job.

    I listen to the podcasts during morning exercise, the drive in to the office, and the drive home, I might play some music later while reading, then load in a new collection of podcasts before going to bed. For what I need, it does the job. And by having this item, I don’t do things with my phone that might cause me to damage or lose it.

    One thing the X02 lacks that I’d like in something this small is a hole through the same edge with the headphone plug, a clean hole that comes out nearby in the back. A hole like that is common in many other players, and I would thread in a lanyard that I could carry around my neck for the times my shirt doesn’t have a pocket. And even when my shirt has a pocket, on a lanyard it won’t fall out and yank on the headphone plug in a way that kills the player. Well, no big deal. Not all mp3 players have it. If that becomes important to me, I have superglue gel and a jump ring, a method I used before. For now, I use a 1930s hidden carry derringer shoulder holster that my nephew played with when he wanted to pretend he was a secret agent. If you don’t have one, a cheap grouch bag or neck-carry sunglass case would work, too.

    Later tonight, I’ll load in more podcasts.

  6. R Swipe

    I can’t abide touch screen operated mp3 players so when my expensive Sony’s battery started to run out of puff and unforgiveably the battery cannot be replaced (Shame on you, Sony!) I decided to buy a cheaper unit so that when it died I wouldn’t feel so bad about putting it in the drawer with my other defunct tech. Couldn’t find anything that wasn’t made in China so reluctantly added to their money pile. Unit arrived promptly and I was relieved to see it had an instruction manual so that I thought I could sit down with a cuppa and gradually get used to the operation of my new purchase. Anyhow, the instructions seemed fairly straightforward and so I loaded my albums in folders onto machine, plus I inserted my 128Gb micro card and that was recognised and it all looked hunky-dory. I have all my files numbered within the album folders so that they play in sequence because sometimes they are segued and flow into one another, also I like to hear them in the way they were originally sequenced. I’m not a fan of the shuffle function because bands agonise over the order of the tracks and that’s the way I like it too, so imagine my annoyance when not only were the albums put in some random order and not alphabetically making it difficult to find individual LPs but also the tracks were all over the place too. Unless I’m missing a function in the menu which would rectify this, I don’t know, but it sure is a pain. Guess I’m going to start looking for an alternative because that is really a bit of a deal-breaker for me

  7. Ryan

    The day when I received the device, I load all my favorites music in it, This device built-in 8GB after I load 500 songs, there are still over 6GB memory left, I will load other lovely songs in future when I collect more. I often use this music player in two way, one is that I can plug the earphone into the earphone jack, listen to music by earphone, The other way is very cool that I strongly recommend to all of you, if your car has audio port, you could connect the music player with your car by audio cable, after that you could enjoy your favorites songs on your car
    The play mode you could select repeat mode or shuffle mode, I really like this small thing coming with other functions, such as E-book, Video, FM radio and others, but I do not use them often, Just playing music is enough

  8. Stephens

    I bought this MP3 player as a Christmas gift for my 7 year old daughter. I wanted a cheap player (in case she broke it or lost it) that was easy to use. It is incredibly easy to put music and photos onto – copy & paste or sync with Windows Media Player. My daughter uses it and can maneuver through the home screen by herself because it is picture based (like apps). The sound quality is good, the volume is easily adjusted. My only tip for buyers is: Use a new micro sd card or reformat one you already have. We used one that we had on hand and could not put music on it until we realized it needed reformatting. Overall, I would buy this again if needed. A highly recommended product!

  9. Mom of 3

    I bought this for my 12 year old son because i want him to be able to listen to music but i didn’t want to buy him a smartphone. Because it’s only function is to play music, the battery life is really long. He can go 3 days or more without charging it. He also likes the radio function.

  10. MindSeedTV

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Awesome little Mp3 Players! I grabbed 4 of them as gifts and I couldn’t be happier!
    For the price I was surprised at how many great features this thing comes with
    An FM Radio- Actually picked up stations
    A video player- with a very clear screen
    Hours of Battery life! up to 80
    It even Comes with headphones included in the box!

    Like I said, for the price this is a great deal and stylish looking as well
    I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with this product.

    Check out the video review I made on these! I hope this helps!

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