32GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth 5.0, AGPTEK A19X 2.4″ Curved Screen Portable Music Player with Speaker Lossless Sound with FM Radio, Voice Recorder,…

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  • 【32GB Large Memory】Built-in 32GB large memory and support up to 128GB TF card.(TF card not Included)It means that you can download thousands songs and store a lot of files.It will work better with AGPTEK TF card.
  • 【Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 】AGPTEK MP3 player adopts upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 has better compatibility, stable signal and reduces the power consumption of the music player. You can pair the Bluetooth MP3 Player with your Bluetooth wireless headphones or car bluetooth speak【Tips:Unable to directly connect to cellphone and car via Bluetooth】
  • 【2.4 Inch Large 3D Curved Screen】AGPTEK MP3 player has 2.4 inch 3D curved surface is stylish and high resolution,excellent touching with the smooth true-color displaying screen.The metal zinc alloy cover feels more comfortable.
  • 【Lossless Sound Quality】With a professional digital noise reduction chip, AGPTEK Bluetooth MP3 player can reduce noises to give you the most original sound quality and ensure a high-quality audio experience.Supports the music format like MP3 WMA APE FLAC WAV AAC-LC ACELP and so on.【Note It does not directly support Audiobook and iTunes.】
  • 【Multi-function MP3 player】AGPTEK Multifunctional MP3 player with music play, video play, voice record, FM radio, photo Browsing, E-book(Support TXT Format Only) A-B repeat, alarm clock, calendar, file folders, built-in speaker, time screen-saver etc. It’s a great gift for children,old people or your friends!

Additional information

Product Dimensions

4.17 x 1.89 x 0.35 inches

Item Weight

3.42 ounces


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

July 14, 2020


13 reviews for 32GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth 5.0, AGPTEK A19X 2.4″ Curved Screen Portable Music Player with Speaker Lossless Sound with FM Radio, Voice Recorder,…

  1. Amazon Customer

    Good MP3 player for the price

  2. Timothy Leister

    Well made. Functions are easy to understand and use. Sound quality is very good.

  3. み~こ

    The media could not be loaded.

     After buying two Mp3 players off Amazon over the past two weeks and having to return them, I decided to try this one. My expectations were low since the last two I bought were cheap in quality, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one! Everything about it from the physical build to the operation is solid, and yet I paid $20 less for this than the one I just returned.

    – You can create your own playlist folders on your computer and drag them to the Mp3 player. When you go to listen, go to the “Folder” option on your home screen and you’ll find them under there (demonstrated in the attached video).
    – It remembers where you stopped stopped listening after you’ve turned if off and back on. This is extremely important for me because I use this Mp3 player mostly for podcasts, audio books, and other long audio files that I usually don’t finish in one sitting.
    – It allows you to create bookmarks in your audio tracks, which again is useful for me so I can quickly go back to a spot in my audio book.
    – The display and buttons are responsive, with no weird glitchy issues.
    – The bluetooth connection is strong. There are no weird artifacts in the sound or deterioration in quality.
    – The built-in speaker is a bonus. I don’t use it most of the time, but it’s handy if you want to play something and you don’t have any headphones nearby.
    – Physically, it is solid and doesn’t feel cheap at all. I dropped it on the floor the other day and it was no problem for the device (I recommend not dropping it though).

    – The audio seems to be lacking bass and low-mids when you listen through plugged in headphones. It may just be my particular headphones or the Mp3 player I received, but the low-end was less full. This however wasn’t a problem with my bluetooth headphones or speaker. I listen using only bluetooth, so this isn’t an issue for me, but if you plan on using mainly wired headphones you’ll either have to go into the EQ settings and boost the bass/low-mids or use headphones that naturally boost the bass.
    – The bluetooth disconnects when the device powers off, so you have to re-pair it every time you turn it on. That being said, I went in to the settings and turned off the automatic power-off setting so that it’s always on standby mode. The battery drains a bit faster, but my headphones don’t disconnect all the time.
    – The buttons are impossible to see in direct sunlight, so I have to tap where I think the buttons are. After using it for a while you get a feel for it, but it would be nice to have the option to adjust the brightness of the buttons.

    Bonus tips:
    – Without realizing it, I accidentally locked all the buttons on my screen so whenever I pressed any of them, an image with a lock popped up. After looking through the manual I discovered that I accidentally enabled the feature which allows you to lock all the buttons on the Mp3 player so that you don’t accidentally press them. To toggle this on/off, you just have to press and hold the hamburger menu button (the top right button).
    – There is no home button on the device, but if you press the top right button with the 3 horizontal lines you can choose “last played”, which will take you to the audio that’s currently playing. If you press that button again, you’ll get a menu with a “back to home screen” option. This may be a faster way to go back to the home screen if you’re deep in a submenu on the device.

    If none of the cons are a breaker for you, I highly recommend this Mp3 player as most of the others on Amazon are cheap in quality and lack the features that this one has. My 7th gen iPod nano was the best music player I had, but this gets me close. If you found this helpful, don’t forget to hit the “Helpful” button!

  4. Batesy

    What a horrible design. The simple concept of listening to an album from start to finish is not possible. Every album has the songs in random order. Why is this the case? Also, it holds a lot of albums (32g) so why make someone who wants to play an album that starts with the letter S have to scroll for 5 minutes? The old Sony MP3 players had letters grouped so you could jump ahead. This is a huge waste of what is otherwise a good looking player.

  5. Tistant L. McMillan

    Great player, very easy to use. Battery life is excellent. Eàr buds have nice sound quality.

  6. Random techie

    I’m writing this review from the perspective of a 75 yr old who was once tech savvy but has long since been left behind.

    Great screen I can read with my varifocals without having to put my reading specs on.
    Faultless BT integration with my arbily earbuds. Once paired they have connected automatically every time.
    Can emulate win 10 folder structure (That’s how I organise my files on the PC don’t use ID3 tags)
    Satisfyingly heavy. Oozes quality
    Sound quality adequate for me. I mostly use it for spoken word. Audiobooks, drama etc. so wouldn’t like to comment on music.
    Easy navigation through menus. Fairly intuitive. Don’t really need a manually which is good because you don’t get much!
    Battery life. Manual says 45 hr audio or 6.5hr using BT. Just out of curiosity, because I mostly use wired earphones I used BT for 4 hrs and the battery indicator didn’t move from full! I don’t know what battery life actually is because, like all my portable devices, including phone I put it on charge long before it’s depleted.Supposed to be bad for batteries I know but I haven’t been caught out with a flat one yet!
    Although some FAQ says it has no speaker, mine has!
    Lot’s of FM stations with wired phones but I live in a good reception area. You can use FM with BT phones. Just stick a jackplug with a bit of wire on it into the phone jack. The Player doesn’t know it’s not connected to anything.

    Touch pad way way too sensitive for me. Even with protective packaging screen still on mine responds to the proximity of a finger before it touches. Having said this I have two samsung tablets which are almost as bad in this respect so maybe I’m just extra capacitve!. It’s easy to activity a function inadvertently just by curling thumb around the edge when you grip it for instance.
    If you want it to resume from where you left off you have to remember to pause before you power down but this is more of a niggle than a real con.

    Makes a perfect travelling partner for my Goodmans pocket sized DAB/FM radio (Which is also brilliant by the way). If it has a tiny telescopic aerial for the radio like the goodmans I’d give it 5Stars

  7. Shikena

    Using it for a month already, nothing happens yet. The battery stays long.

  8. Madeline

    AGPtek mp3 players are mostly well built, capable players, let down by some poor ui design and lack of available usage information.

    This is the best player I’ve bought yet, but some of its issues are properly awkward.

    So. First, Bluetooth. Unlike the player it’s replacing (an A02S) its bluetooth functionality seems greatly improved. For one thing, it seems to find devices fairly quickly and, unlike some players, you don’t seem to sacrifice a ton of functions in order to make use of it. And it’s reasonably intuitive. It seems to need to be activated every time you use it, though, and you have to navigate back to the music functionality afterwards.

    Sound quality seems pretty good – but the equaliser is best ignored.

    Add on card management – spotty. The player only looks in one place for stuff to play. So if you’ve navigated (via the folder option on the menu) to your plug in card, it won’t play anything stored in internal memory until you’ve accessed it via the folder option. At which point, you lose the card.

    If you have a playlist stored in the internal memory but you last accessed the plugin card, you can still try to open your playlist, but the player will tell you that it’s empty.

    Making playlists is complicated, for that reason. The easiest approach is to use the player to build a playlist from a track you’ve navigated to, then edit the created playlist in a text editor using what you can see about how the player made the playlist as a learning tool to help you extend it.

    You will be best served by ensuring your mp3s are named with the track number preceding the rest of the filename, with an appropriate number of leading zeroes, if you want your albums to play in track order.

    The touch sensitive part of the screen is restricted to just the button elements in the bottom half. I keep trying to use it like my phone – I imagine I’ll get used to it! The touch sensitive buttons really are very easy to activate by accident, so I find it’s a good idea to tap the power button (switching the screen and buttons off) before putting the player down or in a pocket or whatever. If there’s a button lock function that leaves the screen on, I haven’t found it yet.

    The front panel attracts fingerprints like crazy. I hope there’s a good screen protector out there…

    Oh, playback resumes where you left off after power down without fuss. It also starts playing if it was playing when you switched off, or not if you paused it first. I’d rather it always started paused but that just means I need to remember to pause it before powering down…

    Oh, and unlike my older Agptek player, the display doesn’t include the track progression data (like, track 6 out of a playlist of 15 should show something like 6/15 and just doesn’t.)

    The bookmark feature remains limited to a time offset with no tie to the specific track being played, which is another old complaint, so it’s less useful than it might be, along with the failure to merge internal and external music databases.

    Because of the database limitations, you may prefer to keep related things grouped in folders and build playlists yourself. That’s a bit of a pain but it’s educational… 😀

    But if you can cope with (or don’t care about) the technical limitations, it’s still an amazing player for the price. 32gb and feels robust and solid (although I wouldn’t recommend bouncing it off solid objects, those screens are probably not shockproof…)

    If Agptek are paying attention, your firmware definitely needs work but there’s the basis of something amazing and brilliant here…

  9. JST

    This is a great MP3 player. I love the speaker on it so I don’t have to have headphones on.

  10. Snoball

    This is my first detailed review for a product. There is some very minor incentive from the manufacturer to write an honest review, which isn’t even enough to pay for my time to write this review. I wrote this because I like the product. I paid just under US$35.00 for this in September 2020.

    I bought this AGPTEK A19X mp3 player to replace a failing 5th gen (aka Stubby) iPod Nano and a 7th gen iPod Nano that I accidentally fatally damaged. My main use case for this product is spoken voice (podcast and audiobook) listening. I am an audiophile and use much higher quality and priced Fiio players for music listening.

    – Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by the build quality and software user interface and reliability.
    – This player feels very solid and built to last.
    – It is very pocketable.
    – The controls and menu system are intuitive to use. I didn’t even read the included user manual.
    – It is a good value, especially for podcast and audiobook listening.
    – I have not listened yet to any file types other than mp3.
    – Battery life seems to be excellent, but I haven’t played it long enough to run down the battery.
    – Sound quality is good, but not as well balanced as the much more expensive various iPods and Nanos I have owned over the years. However, spoken voice sound is easier to hear and understand in noisy environments due to its bright sound. It seems to lack bass, and has an emphasis on mid and high frequencies. Proviso: I’ve only listened with inexpensive MEE earphones, which may have an impedance unsuitable for this player. I have not yet tried the earphones that came with this player.
    – It is easy to connect to my Bluetooth portable speaker. Haven’t tried yet to connect it to my car’s BT system.

    – The different audio equalizer settings don’t seem to change the sound much, if at all.
    – The Repeat setting only seems to affect the current file, and is not a global setting. It is annoying to constantly change it for each file I play.

    General Comments:
    I wish the Resume feature was automatic instead of a menu selection. Generally speaking I want a file to start playing from where I left off listening. If I want to start over, then I’d rather use the back button to skip to the beginning of the file.

    I’d prefer to have global settings in addition to per file settings.

    I didn’t expect this player to match the sound quality of much more expensive competitors. It doesn’t sound as good as higher priced units, at least with the earphones I use. But it doesn’t have to for my needs. In most other respects, however, it exceeds my expectations for a US$35 player. It is well built, and is so far reliable and easy to use. Most people use their expensive smart phones to listen to music, etc, but I prefer a dedicated device that is small and has more features designed for listeners.

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